Learning Guitar

I found an interest in music when I was around 13. I wanted to play the acoustic guitar, so my parents bought me a cheap one off the internet, thinking it wouldn’t last. I ended up finding a Hal Leonard guitar lessons book and began reading that. After a few months I realized how much I enjoyed music and playing guitar. I began using youtube as well as a few other websites to watch how other people played so I could follow them . I started learning some basic chords and began to put those together to forms songs. It took almost 5-6 months before I could even think about playing a full song. but after that time passed, I was able to transition between chords easily and found myself playing much more advanced songs. I still teach myself everything I need to know on guitar and continue to practice and learn new songs on a daily basis.

Some tips:

-don’t give up! It can get extremely frustrating at times, but it takes a while for fingers to get used to that type of movement.

-practice scales. scales can strengthen your fingers to play those hard to reach chords

-start slow. don’t try to play the whole song the first time. start just playing the chord progression then speed up until you reach the speed of the song.

-play every day! if you take time off, its easy to forget how to play, and also the strings can be rough on your fingers

-watch others play. don’t try to learn just by reading. go to youtube or some other website, and watch how someone more advanced does that skill, then try it for yourself!


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