Tuning Your Guitar by Ear

Keeping Your Guitar in Tune

What do you do when you don’t have a tuner available ,and being able to play in tune is necessary? What are the ways you can tune without having a tuner? Basically, tune by ear! The easiest way to tune by ear you must first have a basic understanding of the strings. Standard tuning is eadgbE. Low to high. E being your thickest string and also known as the 6th string. You will also need to have a relatively good ear to differentiate the pitch. When playing your guitar in tune you will have a good understanding of how it should sound. So chances are if your guitar is sounding different at any point you should be able to recognize this difference immediately.

If you are a beginning guitar player this may seem a little awkward, but using this method is very simple. We are going to use the top E string or the 6th string as a basis of tuning the rest of our guitar. Using this method of tuning we are assuming that you have already managed to tune your top Estring with a pitch pipe or some other means. To use this method we will begin by holding down the E string being the very top string (6th string), on the fifth fret. Hit it, now pluck your A string or 5th string open. The two strings should relatively have the same tone. If not adjust the A string until they both reach the same. Once that is achieved, we are going to repeat the process.

Now place your finger on the A string same fret. We now are going to tune the Dstring to the A string. using the same technique by holding down your A string, hit it, then by hitting your d string. It too should also have the same tone. If it varies adjust your D string accordingly until it reaches the same level as your A. Now we are going to tune our our G string (no pun intended there) we will tune our G to the D string. Same process, we will place our finger onto the D string and hit it , and desire the same tone. Now once that is accomplished and you have reached the same tone as your D string we are going to tune our B string to the G string. Same process with a slight variation. In order to tune the B string to our G we will have to move our finger down to the 4th fret. Once accomplished, we now are going to tune our e string to our b string by moving back up to the 5th fret repeating the same process.Once this has been achieved, your guitar should now be in tune and ready to play!

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