Guitar Playing Tips

This article is a collection of tips for any guitar player, beginner to advanced that will help you learn and get the most out of your practice time.

Find a quiet place to practice all to yourself

You need a room or space all to yourself. This can be a bedroom, place by the computer or a full studio. Make sure you have all your equipment ready. You will need a music stand or another place to put your books, picks, music books, and tuner. Try to keep this area clean and free of clutter so you can concentrate on your music. If you live with other people tell them not to disturb you unless it is very important. The more distractions you have the less you will accomplish. Another tip is to turn off your cell phone or other electronic devices. Unless you need that phone for work, turn it off and get to work.

Warm up before you practice

You would be surprised how many guitar players do not warm-up before playing. You will need a good 15-30 minutes to fully warm-up before you begin any practice routine. By doing this you are fully stretching your muscles and tendons in your hands and avoiding injuries. Play scales and simple exercises before you move into any wide stretching or complicated moves. This is especially important when coming in from cold weather, Warm up your hands first before beginning. You can also wash your hands in warm to hot water this will get the blood moving and help to relax your hands. Take your time and you will find your playing is easier when you are fully warmed up.

Focus on your weak areas

If you keep practice the same songs, riffs, and scales over and over you will not improve much just get a little better or faster at what you already know. The trick is to challenge yourself with every practice session. You need to learn something new and apply it to your routine. This can be as simple as one new chord or a whole piece of music. Push yourself to the limit and see what you can do. This way of approaching practice will make you a better player and introduce new ideas into your daily practice. Buy a new book or explore the internet just keep improving and growing.

Maintain a positive outlook

One of the best things you can do doing practice is to stay positive. No matter how hard something seems you can overcome it. Even if this involves practice one piece a thousand times. You will be rewarded if you keep at it and don’t give up. Stay positive and replace all those negative feeling you may have about your own playing. Every player is unique and has something to say. Music comes from within.

Write and record everything

You need to write down or record everything you practice. If you come up with a riff or lick you like write it down or record yourself playing it. Do this with everything even scales. Record yourself playing the scale and listen to it. Make note of any mistakes and try to correct them. Keep a notebook of your ideas and refer to it often. Save your recordings as well for future reference.

I hope these tips help you with your playing. Good luck and keep jamming.

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