How to Be a Girl Guitar Hero


Now you’ve done it. You pawned the Gucci handbag grandma bought you for Christmas and spent the money on a second hand flying V and a mean Marshall stack. (Can you say “whammy bar” grandma?)

Your spirit is strong. You are channeling the guitar-Zen of Jennifer Batten, the fury of Nancy Wilson, and the machine-gun rhythms of Gabriela Quintero. But that beast with the chrome finish is staring at you from it’s place on the wall.

Pick it up. Now.

You won’t become the next girl guitar hero by staring at it.

First, don’t be afraid to turn it up. Feedback and dissonance are part of nature’s glory; things collide in chaotic and random ways. Harness the power of this chaos and give harmony a rip in the pants. Realize that anything played loud enough, with enough force and confidence, will either sound incredibly cool or incredibly intimidating. Either is acceptable.

Second, learn to play power chords.

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